Elevated Virtual Experiences. Live.
Reach, Engage and Inspire a Global Audience with Seamless Live Streaming Solutions.

Reach the World

Expand your events' reach beyond physical boundaries to reach and engage with participants worldwide. Our seamless live-streaming solutions enable you to break geographical barriers, ensuring your messages reach audiences around the world and amplify your brand’s influence.

Inspire Generations

Deliver unforgettable virtual experiences that inspire. Our team deploys a collaborative approach to curating personalized streaming strategies, customized branding, and interactive elements that elevate the event. We ensure your live stream event is a seamless and memorable journey for all participants.

Captivate Audiences

Ignite audience engagement like never before with our multi-camera live stream services. Every moment is captured from the perfect angles, creating an immersive and captivating experience for virtual attendees. Engage and connect during product launches, conferences, and entertainment events.

Elevate My Event
Trusted by leaders

Mandy Balak

Ace Collective

"2C is incredible to work with! They are professional, experienced and consistently deliver great live streaming work. Our team loves working with them and we always get awesome content-related feedback from our fans."

XI Technologies Inc.

"We appreciated the collaborative approach of 2C, who were able to anticipate our needs and adapt well to feedback. They delivered professional live streaming services that enhanced our brand on time and on budget."


"2C is a major partner and supplier to our company and clients. They are professional artists. There is no ego here. They always want to do the right thing and ensure their product is hitting the mark. Thank you 2C for the ongoing live stream services and amazing work."

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