January 2, 2023

10 Video Marketing Trends For 2023

Here are 10 video marketing trends we believe you’ll want to implement as a part of your 2023 marketing strategy.

  1. Increase your usage of video marketing on your social media platforms: In our nearly decade of business, we’ve been adamant about businesses increasing their usage of video marketing tactics to expand brand awareness, educate consumers, optimize conversions and ultimately drive sales. We cannot stress the importance of a holistic video marketing strategy as you go into 2023. It is the most effective strategy you can deploy to grow your business. Don’t believe us? We dare you to try it out. 
  2. Go live in real-time: The COVID-19 Pandemic catapulted the use of live technologies to enable real-time connection with audiences, colleagues, peers, and families. As the world opened back up, some aspects, like hybrid conferencing, stuck around due to financial and scalable reasons. In 2023, Live Events (as in, attending online from the comfort of your couch) will become increasingly popular due to cost savings and scalability benefits. 
  3. Personalized video content: We’re living in a time of savvy consumers with enormous access to information. This leads consumers to beg for more personalized experiences basically. Why? Because customers want to feel special. They want to feel as if their favorite brand is listening to them. We believe that in 2023, more brands will use consumer data to create personalized video content to improve customer experience. Businesses implementing personalized video content will reap enormous benefits.
  4. Virtual and augmented reality is here to stay: The future is here, and VR/AR is here to stay. In 2023, we’ll see more household brands leverage new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to create more immersive and personalized experiences. There is more opportunity now, than ever before to not just think outside the box but also act outside of it. Have you thought about how personalized VR/AR experiences can improve your customer journey? 
  5. Not all videos are the same: You should know this by now if you’ve read any of our blogs. Short-form videos have proven their effectiveness year after year. Why? Since social media came along, consumers have been bombarded with a constant stream of content supported by the growth of vertical videos. Platforms are becoming increasingly dependent on brands and creators to fill the pipeline with short, attention-grabbing visuals that can be consumed on mobile devices. 
  6. Using influencers: Influencer marketing will continue to grow in the upcoming year because individuals are increasingly looking to their network to receive tips, tricks, and product/service recommendations. This means we will continue seeing more brands partnering with social media influencers to create content that engages specific audiences. We will also see more influencers taking on “lead roles” in these video productions due to the impact of the concept of “network effects.” 
  7. Show your true colors: One word. Authenticity. The buzzword of the decade. We’re firm believers in the idea that consumers respond incredibly well to authentic content. This is especially true in video marketing. Brands that create authentic video content will likely see better results across their business.
  8. Data, data, data, and more data: How often do you address your content analytics? Well, it's time to double up the frequency. Data and analytics can be used to optimize the targeting and distribution of video content and to understand the campaign's effectiveness. This means that content production decisions should be dependent on real insights, not based on opinions. Do you track your analytics? If not, how come?
  9. Vertical video is the devil we’re all stuck with: Okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic here. As a video production company, we aren’t always a fan of vertical video because oftentimes, it limits what we can visually showcase in one frame. That being said, vertical video isn’t going anywhere, and we strongly recommend that businesses export two versions of all video content produced. One vertical and one horizontal. It’s a marginal cost increase for the large gain of distributing platform-specific aspect ratios. 
  10. Storytelling is the key that unlocks it all: It’s pretty clear that effective video marketing involves telling a story that resonates with viewers and connects with their emotions. It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to act on this. Those who leverage sharing compelling stories through videos will see better results in their marketing campaigns. This goes back to our points above on showing your true colors and personalizing video content.

So, now that you have the playbook for how to increase brand awareness, optimize conversions and get more eyes on your content, how will you leverage these tactics to stay on top of your competition? 

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