September 13, 2023

Elevate Real Estate Marketing with Aerial Drone Videography

Elevate Real Estate Marketing with Aerial Drone Videography

Drone videography has revolutionized real estate marketing by making stunning aerial footage accessible for listings at any price point. Studies show drone video can increase online engagement by over 50% versus static photos alone. This dramatic impact stems from drone shots offering unique perspectives of interior spaces and outward surroundings that showcase properties in the best possible light. 

For real estate professionals, strategic and compliant use of aerial drone filming is now a must to capture potential buyers’ imagination. This guide covers expert techniques for harnessing the full power of drone videography to elevate your next real estate videos.

Harness the Power of Drone Videography for Real Estate Listings

As professional drone videographers for real estate, we understand how to utilize aerial drone filming techniques to showcase home and property features from unique perspectives. Our cinematic approach includes shots like:

  • Wide-angle aerial overviews capturing total square footage and layout
  • Circling the full exterior to highlight amenities, landscaping, and architectural details from all angles
  • Angled drone perspectives of rooflines, decks, patios, and other exterior features

We also specialize in "drone-thru" interior videography, seamlessly blending traditional walkthrough footage with:

  • Aerial shots flying through doorways between rooms showcase floorplan flow
  • Rising staircase shots revealing spacious two-story dimensions
  • Top-down angles of open floorplans and soaring ceilings
  • Floating through skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking views

Our licensed aerial videography pilots edit these interior and exterior drone shots together with pro techniques like smooth transitions, an upbeat musical track, professional colour grading, and text callouts showcasing listing highlights. The result is a gorgeously cinematic video that brings the property to life in a way static photos simply cannot.

Addressing Privacy and Legal Concerns with Commercial Drone Videography

As professional drone operators licensed for real estate aerial videography, we make it a top priority to address any privacy or airspace concerns upfront through:

  • Acquiring local permits for commercial drone real estate filming
  • Only capturing publisher properties with explicit consent from the listing agent and homeowner
  • Remaining thoughtful of noise levels and neighbouring homes during shoots
  • Maintaining a respectful distance from private yards or patios
  • We maintain open communication to ensure our real estate marketing drone videos align with community standards and Transport Canada & FAA regulations.
  • All flights are planned and executed safely, legally, and professionally.

Vetting Aerial Videography Companies for Real Estate

When searching for a real estate drone videography provider, seek out teams like ours with:

  • The latest drone equipment – 4K cameras, gimbals for stability, safety features
  • In-depth knowledge of aerial filming regulations and protocols
  • Insurance coverage and licenses for commercial drone operation
  • Demonstrated expertise in capturing properties from the sky through extensive portfolios
  • Professional post-production skills to edit dynamic, engaging aerial real estate videos
  • Strong reviews from past satisfied real estate clients

With our unparalleled experience filming thousands of properties from the sky, we have the expertise to deliver stunning drone videos that maximize engagement and demonstrate your listings in the best possible light. Our clients consistently share their aerial videos generate more clicks, showings, and ultimately sales.

Unlock the Power of Aerial Videography for Your Next Listing

Aerial drone videography is a must-have for modern real estate marketing. Contact our team today to schedule a discovery call about capturing your next listing from unique perspectives. We’ll discuss your goals, provide a cost estimate, and outline a filming plan tailored to showcase the property through dynamic drone video. Let’s work together to create outstanding visual content that attracts buyers and drives results!

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