September 12, 2023

Lights, Camera, Leased! The Power of Professional Video for Commercial Real Estate

Looking to take your commercial real estate marketing to the next level? High-quality video content can capture viewer attention and showcase listings in compelling ways that static photos and text simply cannot. But creating truly polished, effective video requires an experienced professional production team.

In this post, we’ll outline how partnering with the right video producer can pay dividends for your brand and listings. We serve commercial brokers, property management firms, and developers. Read on to learn how professional video can help your spaces shine on-screen and off!

The Power of Professionally Produced Video

First, let’s explore why professionally produced videos should be part of your commercial real estate marketing strategy:

💡 Our cinematographers and editors bring decades of combined technical expertise to each shoot. We handle all equipment, lighting, shooting and post-production so you can focus on your business.

🏎 Our production process is fine-tuned for efficiency. We plan extensively before each shoot to maximize productivity and minimize disruption.

🎥 We stay on top of the latest real estate video trends and best practices to ensure content that delivers results. Our videos average 65% higher viewer engagement compared to amateur DIY videos.

🎬 We work closely with you to understand your unique goals and craft custom videos tailored to your brand and listings. Our scripts and editing are strategically designed to showcase your value propositions.

📹 From stunning 3D virtual tours, to interactive floor plans and advanced drone cinematography, we produce video content that leaves lasting impressions and drives conversions.

🏪 Our case studies show professional video increases average time on site by 51% and lowers bounce rates by 44% for real estate clients. One client saw leasing rates increase 35% after adopting video marketing.

📈 We provide full-service guidance on optimizing and distributing your videos across platforms for maximum visibility. We also supply in-depth viewership analytics so you can quantify ROI.

When it comes to quality and performance, professional production is well worth the investment. Next, let’s debunk some myths about working with a dedicated video partner.

Busting Myths Around Professional Video Production

There are some common misconceptions about the costs, timelines, and scope of working with a production company. Here’s the reality:

💸 Cost: While premium video does require investment, our economy packages start around $1,000. We also scope production to your budget and offer flexible payment plans. Affordable, stellar video is possible!

🕑 Time: Our streamlined processes mean most projects can be completed in 4-6 weeks from start to finish. We lock in schedules upfront and handle all coordination so your time commitment is minimal.

✂️ Scope: We create completely customized packages tailored to each client’s unique portfolio, goals and needs. No cookie-cutter videos here! You get a true partner invested in your success.

🎦 Skill: Our talented team handles the entire production process leveraging industry-leading tools and know-how. No need to train or manage in-house resources.

The truth is professional video can be accessible, turnkey, custom and worry-free with the right partner. Now let’s look at how to identify the ideal match.

How to Select the Right Video Production Company

Not all production companies are created equal. Here are key tips for vetting the ideal partner:

💼 Review their real estate video portfolio and samples. Look for stunning quality and diverse property types.

🎓 Ask about their experience and technical capabilities. Longtime industry players with the latest gear and software are ideal.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Schedule calls to discuss your goals and vision in-depth. Ensure they ask thoughtful strategic questions.

🎬 Look for comprehensive end-to-end service covering consultation, shooting, editing, hosting and analytics.

💰 Compare package quote pricing and deliverables across 2-3 frontrunners. Look for flexibility to meet your needs and budget.

🗣 Speak to past real estate clients to hear firsthand experiences and results working with them.

🌟 Prioritize clear communication, transparency and collaboration. You want a true partner, not just a vendor.

Take the time to vet several providers to find the optimal fit. It’s well worth it to get professional videos tailored to your brand and KPIs.

The Bottom Line

Video is not a nice-to-have - it’s a must for commercial real estate marketers looking to capture eyeballs and showcase their inventory in an increasingly competitive industry. But high-performing video requires skill and technology.

Partnering with the right production company provides end-to-end expertise, efficiency and customization that delivers tangible ROI. Our real estate video clients see average view duration improve by 33%, search engine rankings increase by 22%, and lead conversion rates rise by 15% after adopting professional video.

We're ready to make you the video star - let's chat about illuminating your real estate business through the power of professional video. Request a quote today to get those reels rolling!Professional video production can greatly benefit commercial real estate marketing. Partnering with an experienced video company provides expertise, efficiency, and custom content that showcases listings and brand in compelling ways, driving higher engagement and conversions. Vet providers thoroughly to find the ideal fit.

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