September 18, 2023

Real Estate Video Trends to Watch in 2024

Real Estate Video Trends to Watch in 2024

In today's digital world, video marketing is essential for real estate agents and brokers. But shaky smartphone videos simply won't cut it anymore. To truly make your listings and brand stand out, you need high-quality, cinematic videos produced by real estate video experts.

At 2C Media, we've been creating scroll-stopping real estate videos for nearly 10 years. Our work has helped agents land million-dollar listings and top local search rankings. We know exactly how to showcase your properties through the power of video.

Our Real Estate Video Production Services

We utilize state-of-the-art gear like 6K RAW cinema cameras, gimbals, and drones to film stunning footage of both residential and commercial properties. Our team then professionally colour grades, edits, and enhances the real estate videos in our post-production studio for maximum impact.

We offer various real estate video packages including:

Property Listing Videos

Neighbourhood Drone Videos

Agent Branding Videos

3D Walkthrough Videos

Real Estate Video Series

Commercial Property Videos

Here are some of the top real estate video trends we see shaping marketing this year:

  1. More Cinematic Listing Videos

Buyers expect more than just a few static shots of rooms. Cinematic listing videos with pro lighting, framing, pans, and high-resolution B-roll are becoming the norm. These videos showcase homes in a rich, visually engaging way across platforms like Zillow.

  1. Increased Drone Videos

Aerial drone videos provide unique perspectives of listings, neighborhoods, and local amenities. These bird's eye views captivate buyers and build excitement.

  1. Lifestyle Branding Videos

Agents are shifting to lifestyle-focused branding videos that feel like mini-documentaries. These videos spotlight experiences and emotions vs. just home facts. They build an emotional connection with potential clients.

  1. Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

As VR tech improves, 3D virtual tours allow buyers to digitally "walk" through homes independently. This provides an immersive model of the property.

  1. More Video Content on Social

Shorter video clips on Instagram and TikTok drive buyers to listings and build engagement. Creative content keeps agents top of mind.

  1. Live Video Access

Live open house tours on Facebook and other platforms enable real-time interactivity. This gives remote access and a sense of urgency.

  1. Client Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials from past clients lend authenticity and credibility. They offer powerful social proof for agents.

  1. Optimized for Video SEO

Agents are optimizing videos for YouTube and Google to improve rankings and visibility. This expands their reach and positions them as video experts.

The Importance of Video Strategy

But high-performing real estate videos require more than just basic shooting and editing. They necessitate an integrated strategy across platforms, optimized for conversions and engagement.

Our team not only produces stunning videos, but we also help map out a video plan tied to your real estate business goals and target buyers. We ensure maximum ROI from your video marketing by partnering with City Block, the local real estate marketing powerhouse.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help create videos that captivate and convert viewers into buyers. Let's showcase your brand and listings with the power of professional video.

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