November 14, 2022

Customer Retention Part 2: Retention Supported by Media

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Retention Supported by Media

If you don't know by now, 2C Media prides itself on creating scroll stopping content through video, animation and photography. So to piggyback off of the last blog post: Customer Retention Part 1 - Calculating your Customer Retention, let's chat a little about how media can improve audience retention.

Some Stats:

The whole point of what we do is to create media that supports your business and enables you to stand out. Why? To bring in that moola (that’s hip for money). Whether it be through telling the story or mantra of a company or promoting a product, it's about utilizing media to benefit the brands we work with. Media is a surefire way to keep your business at the top of your customer's minds, and we don't just say that because we are a media-based company. 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social sites(, 75% of consumers use social media to research brands(, 94 percent of marketers say using video content has helped increase user understanding of a product or service(, and the stats just keep coming. These are just a few of many stats, check out these pages to see almost hundreds of reasons why video and general media is beneficial to keeping your customers around. 

It may have been a minute (that’s hip for a little while) since you've watched cable television, but those commercial breaks, you know the ones that would interrupt the show, are not the only way that media content is utilized for marketing purposes. Today, Youtube ads, brand deals, newsletters, blogs, websites, all of these forms of media create a connection between your brand and the patrons of your brand. Ads often pull in audiences but it’s not always the most cost effective solution. We have chatted about the different ways and forms that content can work best for a company, but at the end of the day, having that prolonged connection on your native platform is essential. Retention is one of the most reliable ways that a brand can grow. We get into that in part 1 of our retention series.

In today's age, media is the lifeline for brands

By creating customer worthy content, you can be sure that it is going to have an impact. And this impact can be long lasting. By keeping your current customers engaged on your social platforms, there is now a place online to build on these personal relationships and grow a community. However, the followers you gain aren't permanent, and you want to create a space in which your customers are going to frequently come back, a space where they feel appreciated, and a space where they are proud to be involved. Sometimes this is offline - but what doesn’t change is the way that media can be leveraged to achieve this.

We have worked with many companies to create unique and lively content for their social media, brand pages, or community groups. It’s important to not throw it out there for likes, but to highlight features, extract feedback and create conversations. Media comes in so many different forms, so creating content and sharing it on multiple platforms, can broaden your audience, but even further, reach the correct audience. Social platforms are smart, accumulating the user's interests, psychology, and consumer behaviour, and giving them what they want in return - often before they even know they want it. Think of how YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are able to suggest, guess and recommend content based on your interests. When looking for a product or service, suggestions, ads or recommendations like competitors may find their way onto explore pages - or better yet - smack dab on the feed, or as they swipe stories, you get the point. If you want your content to be a candidate for a spot on their #FYP, you need to get it out there.  

Using media strategically to improve customer experiences is a unique way to earn repeat business.

Social media can create relatability between a brand and its consumers. By creating and publishing dreamy content, potential new and repeat customers will appreciate the value, entertainment, ultimately increasing the chances of becoming or staying within their list of favorite brands. First impressions are important, but keeping up that consistent quality is more important.

Utilizing user generated content (UGC) is a simple and unique way that media works in a business’ favour. A good testimonial is a valued source for future consumers to reference. In general, content should be as authentic as possible and nothing is as authentic as a customer posting a positive experience with your business. It's as easy as reposting or sharing these real and personal customer references and, viola, you have free marketing.

Let's Look at an Example

A top tier example of peak media performance would be If you haven't heard of this wacky online database of insanely cool products, you are in for a ride. These guys were way ahead of their time in terms of media content. Two years before Instagram was even a thing, Vat19 was pushing out some of the most well produced fun and unique video advertising on youtube.

Youtube is the perfect platform to accumulate a community of loyal global consumers who will keep coming back for more. With Vat19’s wacky fun videos highlighting some really cool products, people became intrigued but stayed for the personality of the creators and their unwavering connection to their subscribers. The same crew is still pushing high quality social content today and has compiled an audience of 8 million subscribers.

It's safe to say that social media and strongly produced media content can create a lasting image of your brand for new and current customers alike through educating them, connecting with them, and just overall wowing them with said content. People want to be a part of something they enjoy, and will stick around to support you if they feel it's deserved, so lean into the benefits and don't hesitate to jump into the deep end of content creation.

create something brag-worthy.

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