October 2, 2023

Show, Don't Tell: Agent Interview Videos Humanize Your Brand

Show, Don't Tell: Agent Interview Videos Humanize Your Brand

Are you relying on photos, static text, and property specs to promote your real estate brand? That won't cut it anymore. In an increasingly competitive market, you need fresh strategies to connect with consumers and stand out.

Video is no longer optional - it's expected. After all, video content garners 12 times more shares than text and images combined (HubSpot).

But not just any video will do. Agent interview videos uniquely humanize your brand, build authentic connections, and provide value beyond a generic corporate overview.

However, we know you may have some reservations. Video seems daunting. Your agents are camera-shy. In this post, we'll tackle common video misperceptions and show why agent interviews are worth the production investment.

The Power of Putting Your Agents Front and Center

People tune out slick marketing speak. What truly resonates is transparency and real human stories. Your agents have those stories. Video interviews that spotlight their expertise, passion and personality will achieve three key goals:

  1. Humanize Your Brand

Help your brand stand out from the sea of faceless competition by showcasing the real people behind it. The video introduces agents on a personal level to forge an emotional connection with viewers. For example, LA-based agency The Agency uses agent videos to highlight how their " Trailblazers" are deeply involved with local communities.

  1. Build Trust

According to a 2018 LinkedIn survey, 56% of people trust video content from a brand over other forms of content. Seeing and hearing directly from an agent builds familiarity and goodwill with potential clients. Add video testimonials from past clients for an added trust factor.

  1. Share Insider Knowledge

Your agents have tremendous insider knowledge - from local market trends to neighbourhoods to watch. Video interviews let them pull back the curtain to share insights that prospects crave. 

For instance, Minneapolis' Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty produces monthly video updates with in-depth local real estate analysis.

Contrarian View: Isn't Video Production Expensive?

We realize agent videos likely haven't been part of your marketing mix before. And you may have concerns, like production costs or unpredictable returns.

While high-end video does require investment, it drives tremendous value:

  • 72% of businesses say video content gave them positive ROI (Wyzowl)
  • 90% of customers say product videos are helpful in purchase decisions (Animoto)
  • Pages with videos generate 98% more inbound leads than non-video pages (Wordstream)

Today’s consumers expect video as part of the brand experience. Don’t get left behind. With strategic distribution and optimization, video provides unmatched impact for brand awareness and engagement. An experienced production partner can guide you in maximizing reach while staying within budget constraints.

Contrarian View: Our Agents Don't Love Being On Camera

You may also worry your agents will resist being on camera. It's true - lights, microphones and recording make some people uneasy.

The key is working with a video production team that helps agents relax and feel comfortable sharing their authentic personalities. Through warm-up discussions and multiple takes, even camera-shy agents can give compelling interviews.

Remind agents that viewers respond best to genuineness. Avoid rigid scripts. Highlight agents' passions for your community and clients. With the right approach, agent videos will turn out polished, natural and engaging.

Choosing the Video Partner to Showcase Your People

Clearly, professional-grade agent interview videos don't just happen. They require thoughtful production and editing. Choosing the right partner is critical to set your videos up for success.

Seek out a company who will:

  • Strategize: Align video goals with your broader marketing strategy. What purpose will these videos serve?
  • Guide: Provide best practices on video length, style and distribution tailored to your audience.
  • Simplify: Handle all the heavy lifting - scheduling, writing questions, equipment, editing.
  • Enhance: Use high quality production value to make videos shine.
  • Humanize: Draw out authentic, engaging sides of agents.
  • Connect: Tell compelling stories that resonate emotionally with viewers.

The Video Production Process From Start To Finish

Great agent interview videos combine two elements: raw footage of your people and artful production techniques. Here's an overview of the video production process:

Pre-Production Planning

The upfront planning ensures an efficient, focused shoot. 

Key steps:

  • Set goals and target audience
  • Select on-camera agents
  • Write interview questions
  • Storyboard the video flow
  • Scout shoot location
  • Handle logistics and contracts

Production: Lights, Camera, Action

With planning complete, it's time to film the raw footage. Production day may include:

  • Warm-up off camera to relax agents
  • Microphone setup for crisp audio
  • Flattering lighting from multiple angles
  • Multiple takes and shot variety to have options
  • B-roll footage to supplement the interviews

Post-Production Editing

This is where your production partner's skills shine through. They'll edit footage into a cohesive video, incorporating:

  • Branding colors, logos, graphics
  • Seamless scene transitions
  • Music and/or voiceover narration
  • Animations and text for visual interest
  • Ensure consistent messaging and flow
  • Call-to-action and contact information

The Final Cut

After review and revisions, you'll have a polished, impactful agent interview video ready to help tell your brand story. Optimized for your website, social platforms and advertising.

So consider beyond photos and text alone. Let an agent video series spotlight the resilient people who power your company. Schedule a consultation to explore how video can humanize your brand.

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