March 30, 2021

The ‘How-To’ of ‘How To Videos’: #StirCreativity with Bombay Sapphire

Giving a quintessential nod to an old standby, Bombay Sapphire breathed new life into the classic “G & T” with their #StirCreativity campaign. This campaign aimed to encourage & inspire mixologists and cocktail lovers around the world to take to social media and embrace their creativity by putting their own spin on the cocktail.

“Catch an idea, make it real, start with nothing and make something — hold on to your vision and discover the possibilities within.”

— 2019 #StirCreativity Campaign

As self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseurs and videography experts ourselves, we were thrilled when Bombay Sapphire’s Alberta brand Ambassadors approached the 2C team to partner for the campaign (cocktails and content? Count us in!).

Watch the full version of the #StirCreativity campaign “how-to” video created by 2C with Bombay Sapphire’s Alberta Ambassadors!

Once the Gin & Jam Sour cocktail concept was finalized, it was time to shoot. We enlisted our production team to collaborate with the ambassadors and create a vision for the piece, filming it in a way that met the brand standards of the campaign, while pushing them to stand out and showcase the cocktail amongst the other submissions around the world!

Branded “how-to” videos, such as this case with Bombay Sapphire, can be extremely helpful when launching a campaign or promoting various aspects of your brand. The key to this type of visual marketing is to produce a final product that is authentic, engaging, informative and easily uploaded & shared across all digital platforms.

How was this accomplished? Here are 9 tricks that we always keep in mind when creating branded “how-to” marketing videos.

1.Craft a Story

Whether you’re showing the world how to put together a shelf, use a new make-up product, or in this case, shake up a new cocktail, you’re ultimately telling a story. For that story to be cohesive with your brand and successfully communicate your message, it’s important to have a strong strategic roadmap for the production team to reference.

2. It’s All in The Lighting

An amateur video on social media can mean death for your brand! Lighting is what truly makes all the difference and will give you a final product that looks like it was shot by a true professional. Use natural or studio lighting to highlight your subject, eliminate shadows, and make sure your video is crisp and clean.

3. Avoid Noisy Backgrounds

The last thing you want is a busy background that distracts viewers and blends in with your subject. We used a white kitchen backdrop to frame the footage and highlighted the blue in the Bombay Bottles, allowing the mixologist to be the star of the show. Note: when shooting in your home, err on the side of caution — no one wants to see dirty dishes in the background!

4. Clear Audio is key!

In our semi “digital ADD” culture, consumers sometimes have shorter attention spans. If they can’t understand your subject (especially in a ‘how-to’ video) they’ll be swiping left pretty quick. Capture clear audio by placing the mic as close to your model as possible, and for goodness sake, make sure there is no background noise — yes, this means you might have to move your furry companions to another room while filming.

5. Capture Steady Footage

If your video is going on the web and being shared on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll want it to look as professionally done as possible. Trust us, hire the professionals or use a tripod to stabilize your video and eliminate any possibility for natural human shakes. Save your loose, unedited footage for TikTok.

6. Make Your Subject a Star

We have to put it out there — not everyone is a natural on-screen. You need your subject to be confident, use open body language, and eliminate nervous fidgeting or jitters. It’s also important for them to talk as though they are having a conversation, slow and concise — if they race through it you’ll be left with a 5-second video. Creating a script is never a bad idea (yes, we can help with that too). It’s in no one’s best interest to allow them to go rogue while the camera is rolling!

7. Shoot From A Variety of Angles

Shooting a video exclusively straight-on is boring! If your video is simple (like our Bombay example) pan out different angles and shift the perspective as your subject goes through each step. This will create intrigue, helping to tell your story and capture your audience for the entirety of the video.

8. Edit In The Appropriate Aspect Ratio

TADA — you made it! When you produce your final cut you’ll want to keep in mind the aspect ratios to optimize your video for each platform.

  • Instagram and Facebook Posts: 4:5 or 1:1–4:5 is optimal because it takes up more real estate on a phone screen.
  • Instagram and Facebook Stories: 9:16
  • YoutTube and Vimeo: 16:9
9. Stir Up Anticipation Through Teasers & Promote!

The best way to build anticipation is to release short teasers (15–30 seconds) that build excitement and anticipation for the final product. Once it’s time to be released, make sure the chosen snippet enhances the final video, and don’t forget to encourage your consumers to cross-promote the piece. Use keywords, relevant hashtags (ie. #StirCreativity), tag the team involved in creating your piece (like us! @2cmadeit), and get creative — the more original your tags are, the more it will stand out (but make sure to stay on brand).

Here you can watch the video we created with our publishing partners at Curiocity to launch the #StirCreativity campaign in Canada

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