January 5, 2023

The Rise of Hybrid Events

Want to get the best of both worlds? Hybrid events are a game-changer in the marketing world. These events, when well produced, allow businesses to reach a wider audience by combining both physical and virtual elements. The combination of in-person and live stream technology allows hybrid events to increase the reach of your company, engagement, and promote future events, all while saving you money. They really are the mother of all solutions.

As a video production company 2C is well acquainted with hybrid events. Our deep understanding of how they benefit your company lays out a robust foundation for how to activate a successful one. We have seen the popularity of hybrid events, and you may have too; live-streamed competitions, virtual concerts, and political conferences. All of these examples are feeding grounds for new consumers and, more importantly, more consumers to be able to attend. This same practice can be applied to you and your business. 

If you've never thought about putting on a live event, maybe it’s time to reconsider? Let's dive into some of the benefits that come with hybrid events.

  • Wider reach - This one is obvious, but one of the main purposes of hybrid events is to allow more people to experience them. Not everyone can attend events, whether it be due to transport costs, location, or a busy schedule, and these hangups can deteriorate the number of attendees. By live streaming your event, you mitigate these factors, creating flexibility and allowing anyone anywhere to attend. This is especially beneficial if you have a global audience. Why would you not allow people from various parts of the world the opportunity to engage in what you have to offer?


  • Increased engagement - This is the secret ingredient of a hybrid event. Have you ever done a poll on Instagram, or commented on a question on a YouTube video and received a response? How much more engaged did you feel with the brand and content you were consuming? With hybrid events, these elements become available, bringing in chatrooms, polls, votes, Q&A’s, you name it. Your audience can engage with your event in a way that not only keeps them present in the moment but also enhances their experience making them feel like they are a part of something bigger. 

To be clear, you aren't favouring your virtual audience more, your hybrid event needs to include ALL attendees at the same level of engagement, and virtual elements can enhance that for both. Think of it like this: this is one event with two different experiences. 

Furthermore, this can also create opportunities for future events. If attendees enjoyed their experience, and your event was successful overall, you may end up building a strong community that will be willing to attend future live or virtual events. 

  • Cost Savings - Hybrid events are also a massive cost saver. If you think about it, live streaming the event can majorly reduce the cost of a larger venue and other expenses that come with big party in-person events. It's all up to your needs and budget. You could have a smaller venue, half of the audience in person, and half online. Or even have a small VIP in-person audience, host the event wherever is most convenient and encourage all viewers online to become VIP’s. The possibilities are endless. Even internal hybrid events can be a great option for nixing the cost of travelling and accommodations for special guests. It’s also relevant to mention the climate card you can lean on when the event's overall carbon footprint will most likely be reduced. 

  • Revenue - One of the most beneficial points of hybrid events is the fact that they can be pay-gated. Depending on the style of the event, your business can sell tickets in order to attend it. And with the ability for a wider audience, you can sell more tickets. Pay-gating is a great way to increase event attendance and extend reach while increasing revenue at exponentially lower costs.

So now you know why hybrid events are pretty cool.

No, but in all seriousness, hybrid events are changing the way events are formatted and it's pretty revolutionary. As a video production company, we are particularly excited about this. We understand what skills are required and what needs to be done in order to execute a successful event.

We utilize our video production skills to set the scene and make sure the audience is experiencing the best event possible, be it virtual or online. This includes setting up cameras, audio equipment, and managing a live event program that allows us to control what the virtual audience sees, what they engage with, and at what time of the programming. Assets like text, music, graphics, transitions, polls and other fun elements are applied in real-time to enhance the viewing experience. Our crew is often also on-site to record the event as it happens.

Depending on the size and scale of the event, we may use a variety of camera angles and techniques, to capture dynamic and engaging footage. Using a video streaming platform, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Zoom, attendees can watch the event in real time from the comfort of their couch.

Side Note - We also may be responsible for editing together the event for future use. Post-production work on a well-documented event can help you recycle your already created quality content and use it to further promote your business. By utilizing a video production company you are sure to end up with a polished and professional-looking final composition that can be used for future hybrid-event marketing.

In conclusion, hybrid events offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to reach a wider audience, increase engagement, decrease costs, and make money. And as your trusted video production provider, we help you raise the ruckus you need to do just that.

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