January 21, 2023

Video Lead Generation: The future of digital marketing is here

Video Lead Generation: The future of digital marketing is here.

I. Introduction

Video marketing is an essential aspect of modern-day lead generation techniques. According to a survey by Wyzowl, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Guess what? That number is expected to grow in the coming years. The reason is simple: video is one of the most effective way to connect with potential customers and generate leads at scale.This article will explore the varying types of videos that can be used for lead generation and the best practices for creating and promoting high-quality videos that will generate leads. We’ll also explore the many platforms and metrics that can measure the success of your video marketing undertakings and how to use them to improve your marketing results.

II. Types of Videos for Lead Generation

There are only a few types of videos that can be used for lead generation. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. They include:

  • Explainer videos: These videos are designed to educate potential customers about your product or service. The key aspect of these videos is to explain complex concepts or features in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. 
  • Demo videos: These style of videos highlight how a product or service works. These videos are used to demonstrate the features and benefits of your product or service and can even provide a sense of what the customer experience will be like.
  • Testimonial videos: These videos share customer success stories and are intended to build trust and credibility with future customers.

When choosing which videos to use for your lead generation efforts, it's important to consider your target audience and what type of video will resonate with them best. For example, if your target audience is customers who have fears about your product or business, a testimonial video highlighting customer success stores could be more far more effective than a demo video.

III. Best Practices for Video Marketing

Producing high-quality video content that effectively generate leads is critical for a successful video marketing campaign. Here are some tips for creating high-quality:

  • Short and sweet: Attention spans are becoming shorter than ever, so keeping your videos short and to the point is key. We find videos that are 1-2 minutes in length to be an effective runtime.
  • Visually appealing: Filming high-quality footage goes a long way. Ensuring the lighting and sound quality is good can have profound impact on the final video quality.
  • Make it engaging: Use classic storytelling techniques to create an emotional connection with your audience and captivate the viewer to watch the video in full.
  • Call-to-action: It’s critical to articulate what you want your viewers to do after watching the video, whether it's visiting your website or signing up for a free trial, always include a Call-to-action.

Besides producing high-quality videos, it's important to optimize your videos for lead generation. This means using relevant keywords in your title and description, and including a clear call-to-action at the end of the video.

IV. Video Hosting and Distribution

There are many video platforms where your content can be hosted and distributed, including YouTube, Vimeo, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and even Twitter. All of these platform have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the best platform for your video marketing efforts will depend on your target audience, the type of video you're creating and your overall objective.

What do we mean by this? Well, YouTube is technically the second-largest search engine in the world and is great for Search Engine Optimization, but it has a more general audience. On the other hand, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have a targeted audience and better targeting options but have a shorter attention span. This is indicative in the style and type of video content that performs well on each platform.

It's also important to consider there is cost to hosting and distribution. So pick your platform wisely. For examples YouTube is free to use, while others such as Vimeo, sometimes require a paid subscription to host large amount of content.

Another point when choosing a platform. You should consider the type of video you're creating and the audience you're trying to reach. For example, if your target audience is 18-24, they’ll primarily be on Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, it would make more sense to distribute your videos on that platform rather than YouTube. It’s also important to consider the analytics and tracking capabilities of the platform you’re choosing as they’ll have a direct impact on your abilities to measure the success of your video marketing efforts.

V. Measuring the Success of Video Marketing

Measuring your video marketing efforts is essential to understanding which videos are working and which videos aren’t. Some KPI’s  to track are:

  • Views: Number of times your video has been viewed
  • Engagement: Likes, comments, and shares give insight into how well your video is resonating with your audience.
  • Conversion rates: Number of leads generated or sales as a result of the video.

Tracking and analyzing these metrics is critical to understanding which videos are resonating with your target audience and which are not. Your marketing team can then use this data to make data-driven decisions on how to effectively improve your video marketing content and strategies.

VI. Conclusion

To wrap it all up, video marketing is an essential part of modern lead generation strategies. Through understanding the types of videos that can be used for lead generation, as well as best practices for creating high-quality videos, your marketing team can effectively connect with your target audience to generate leads for your business. Moreover, by using various platforms and metrics available, your ability to measure the success of your video marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions can improve your results and allow your business to reach goals at a rate you never knew was possible. We strongly encourage you and your marketing team to implement the tips and best practices highlighted in this article to enhance your own video marketing strategies for lead generation.

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