July 13, 2022

Video Psychology 

Photo by Kushagra Kevat

There is a reason why video is such a strong factor in everyone's lives. As the video age takes over, so do people's expectations for video. And a lot of people seek video content as a means of escapism. Emotionally video provides a lot for people, and so it's extremely beneficial to factor in the psychology behind video when producing content for your business, or just in general. 

Creative, and emotionally effective videos can have a much stronger lasting effect than some that do look at the elements of psychology. 

It sounds complicated but it really isn't. 

Emotions sell better, and it only takes a few steps to create a strong video that has some sort of lasting effect on the viewer. 

When creating a video, you usually set goals in place. One of which is “what is this video for?” Essentially, what is the purpose of making this video? But you also want to ask yourself “what do I want people to experience or feel when watching this video.” This can improve the effectiveness of your content tenfold. 

You want to get the emotions flowing, as emotional responses can create a reaction, but also keep people engaged in your content. Your visuals and brand style can help you stand out by using certain colours, logos, visuals graphics and audio; after a while, people associate these things with your brand. Add these elements and clients may even opt for your services months after seeing your video. If you have left a good impression, intrigue and loyalty work to keep them interested.

A short lesson on Colour Theory: 

Colour theory can get extremely intense but, good news, you only really need to know the basics of the basics to put good colour theory to practice through video. Colour can convey emotions, some people will associate certain colours with different things, but lucky for us, marketing companies have used specific colours over the years, and many of them have universal emotions attached to them as a result.

Think about it, yellows are happy and bubbly, whereas blues are gloomier, sadder. Reds actually are associated with excitement or passion, danger or action, you tend to see them a lot with marketing. It's easy to pick up the practice, and by using specific colours through your videos, to catch attention or even just to set a tone for the video, you can increase the emotional element significantly. Colour is one of the first things viewers recognize, so being mindful of it is important. 

Visuals can work similarly. By using graphics, or titles with different fonts, you can quickly shape the feel of your video. This also works with symbols, mascots or any other visual element that recurs within your brand. Think about the Budweiser commercials. Usually emotional and heartfelt, horses don’t really have a lot to do with a beer company in this century, but we associate Clydesdales with the brand nonetheless. Again, anytime you see or hear these associations, you think of the brand that utilised them. It can also set you apart from other brands that may not be using fun visuals or thinking about video colours. 

Picking the best beats:

One of the fastest ways to hook viewers is music. Bubbly music, a popular pop song, whatever it is, the right song can actually neurologically affect people, making them feel happy and engaged. Think about what kind of mood you want your viewers to experience and music can make that happen. This is also why there are jingles or auditory associations with brands. It's a great way to quickly give them a way to remember you, it's a part of the brand identity, or the look and feel that is associated with your brand. 

Some Final Notes:

You want to tell a story, but also keep the content relatively short/native to the platform you are sharing it on. Read about how short form content works here. An interesting truth to think about is that people will actually care less about what your video is trying to inform them, but instead, they will be paying more attention to how you've presented it. All of these elements may seem like a lot, but it’s really just a few extra steps of planning to create the best, most engaging content you can, so it's worth putting in the fine detail and care.

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