September 13, 2022

What types of video content great for your brand marketing

Photo by Peter Stumpf

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users

So what does that mean for businesses who aren't using video to promote their products and services? It means they are skating on thin ice. In 2022, 82% of consumer internet traffic is made up of videos. 

But why? In a recent blog post, we discussed why it’s important, but now it's time to discuss what kinds of videos and video content can benefit your brand marketing. 

When it comes down to your brand image, the video should be up there with your products in terms of importance. Video is crucial to growing and maintaining an audience. 

So what kinds of videos garner this attention? 

For one we have to look at what elements and objectives are important to consider when producing video content, lucky for you 2C specialises in knowing what people are looking for, and what works. 

Educational content

Obviously one of the more well-understood facets of video content, educational videos are a great use of production. Especially when your company is offering a product or service, educational videos showcasing the product, its uses and or reviews of the product are awesome for reeling people in. Videos give content much faster than just text, so people are more likely to view and be interested in your product if they have a good understanding of it.  Everything from review videos, tutorials on how to use products, and customer testimonials, are great educational content. 

Side note: Video Retention

Attention is a huge thing to consider when creating video content. You don’t want to just make a 30-minute long explanation video. Video retention is a huge part of any marketing video, and it pairs with the optimization of said videos. You want to figure out the best places that your content gets interacted with and make videos that are natural to that platform. We discussed the importance of Micro Content and optimization in a previous article that you can read here.

Engagement Videos 

One of our favourite kinds of videos to make, Engagement videos are some of the best for making connections with your audience. You can really showcase your relatability and humanity in these videos. Showing your brand's values through a Company culture video can be an awesome start to video marketing too. 2C has produced many culture videos and have been able to show just how amazing, reliable and friendly the companies we work with are. For example, check out this Righteous culture video we did this past year. 

Showcasing who your company is and what your company expectations are can also be done in the form of interviews, recap videos, behind-the-scenes videos or even live streams of events or promotions. The goal of these videos is to ultimately create an emotional connection with the viewer, to show the approachability of the brand and aim to get the viewer to engage and share. 

Shareable Content

Keeping things highly original, whether it's fun or more serious will help you stand out from the crowd. Viral videos automatically create an audience-aware video, but your content doesn't have to be viral to bring in an audience. In 2012, metro trains released their highly shared educational music video called “dumb ways to die”. A cutesy but gruesome animation that highlighted the dangers of being irresponsible around trains. It sends a message but also gets stuck in your head. The visuals and song were also a part of a popular game at the time and everyone can link these adorably unfortunate blobs to the organisation at a moment's glance.

Of course, your brand doesn't need to produce an entire animated music video along with a mobile game, but campaigns and fun videos full of originality can have a similar effect as the example above.

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