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Elevate your real estate content with our expert video production services. Our professional videographers showcase luxurious homes, modern architecture, and scenic landscapes. Trust us for high-end real estate videography, all under one roof.

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Arif Maherali

Managing Partner, Cityblock Agency Inc.

" 2C is a major partner and supplier to our company and clients. They are professional and true artists. There is no ego here. They always want to do the right thing and ensure that their product is hitting the mark.  There isn't anything they can't shoot. Thanks 2C for the ongoing service and amazing work. "

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We're not just storytellers; we're the architects of emotions, crafting narratives that leave an indelible mark.

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○ How do you plan the shots and angles to showcase the best features of a property?

We meticulously plan our shots to capture the finest details and attributes of each property. Our expertise in real estate video production ensures that we highlight the key selling points through creative camera angles and expert framing.

○ Can you help with scriptwriting and storyboarding for property tour videos?

Absolutely, our experienced team can craft compelling scripts and storyboards that align with your property's unique characteristics, emphasizing its value and desirability.

○ Can you capture aerial video (ex. drone footage)?

Yes, we offer captivating aerial videography services, including drone footage, to provide a comprehensive perspective of the property and its surroundings.

○ How do you ensure a consistent visual style across multiple property listings?

Our commitment to maintaining a consistent visual style is unwavering. We adhere to your brand guidelines and preferences, ensuring that each property video reflects your unique identity and style.

○ What's the typical turnaround time for delivering the final property videos?

Our efficient production process ensures that final property videos are delivered promptly, typically within 15 business days. The typical turnaround time can vary based on project complexity, but we prioritize delivering high-quality results within a timeline that adheres to your project timeline.