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2C Media is the premier travel and outdoor video production company in Western Canada. We specialize in captivating travel, outdoor expedition documentaries, shows, and commercials. Whether you’re an adventure seeking traveler, tourism board or an outdoor brand, our expertise ensures your story is beautifully captured and shared with the world.

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Alex Welsh

Co-Founder, Yama Vans

" These fellas are BOMB!!! Absolute best of the best. We've worked with several creatives and we're always most impressed with the quality of work, quick turn around times, and overall grade A service that we receive from 2C. These guys are on the up, jump on and ride the wave with them! "

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We're more than storytellers; we architect emotions, craft narratives and leave a lasting visual imprint.

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○ What's your approach to scouting locations and assessing shooting conditions?

Our experienced team excels at scouting locations and assessing shooting conditions to ensure we capture the best visuals. This is a crucial aspect of our travel and leisure video production process.

○ Can you help us create a shotlist to cover various aspects of the travel experience?

Certainly, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive shotlist that encompasses all the exciting facets of the travel experience. This ensures we capture every moment that resonates with your audience.

○ Can you assist in creating a compelling narrative for our travel video?

Absolutely, crafting compelling narratives is a forte of ours. We understand that storytelling is integral to travel videos, allowing viewers to connect emotionally with the experience.

○ How do you balance capturing planned content while embracing spontaneous moments?

It's all about striking the right balance. We meticulously plan to capture your intended content while remaining open to capturing the genuine, spontaneous moments that make your travel experience unique.

○ Can you explain the review and revision process for travel video edits?

Our collaborative review process ensures your vision is reflected in the final edit. We provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions, ensuring the travel video perfectly aligns with your goals.