Luxury Leather Goodness


2C partnered with Ghurka 2create beautifully branded visual content to complement their marketing efforts. Our team was responsible for sourcing and managing talent and locations, and conceptualizing and producing content that accurately reflects the impeccable quality of Ghurka's luxury leather goods. This included producing high-quality photos and videos that focused on the unique features and characteristics of the products, showcasing their versatility and style. By incorporating a variety of lifestlye elements we were able to create content that spoke to the elegance and sophistication of the Ghurka brand. Our partnership with Ghurka allowed us to produce content that strengthened their marketing efforts and helped them connect with their target audience, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

Emily Jones

Marketing Director

"We began working with 2C Media this summer and since then we have successfully completed multiple shoots with them containing both photo and video. Aidan and his team are easy to work with and visually capture the stories we are looking to tell within our marketing efforts. Each time the content they capture is delivered, we are reminded of why they are such a great partner for our initiatives!"

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